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The sole mission of Florida CAM Schools, LLC, is to provide education and professional development to community association management professionals. Those professionals include licensed managers and community association management companies, license applicants, service providers, and community volunteers. Florida CAM Schools offers continuing education courses, prelicensing courses, staff development workshops, follow up support, on-line resources, course materials, assessment tools, and coaching services. 

Considered an expert, Betsy Barbieux, CAM, CFCAM, has the skill and knowledge to guide managers and community association boards in handling the day-to-day operations of their communities and at the same time deal with different communication styles, difficult personalities, and conflict. Effective communication and efficient management are her goals. Betsy has educated thousands of community association managers, staff members, and directors. She is the champion for those who want winning relationships with their boards, residents, staff, and vendors.

Betsy is the author of "Boardmanship, The Right Person at the Right Place With the Right Skills" and "How to Hire a Manager." Look for Betsy's monthly articles in The Florida Community Association Journal, a magazine that supports all aspects of community association management. Betsy was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2013 to serve on the Florida Regulatory Council for Community Association Managers. She is also an expert witness.

It is believed that Betsy is the ONLY expert in the field who is a certified advanced behavior specialist, certified image consultant, professional development coach, speaker, and trainer, a Florida licensed CAM, and CFCAM-Certified Florida Community Association. She is a member of Florida Community Association Professionals, CAI National and CAI Central Florida, Lake Sumter SHRM, and Toastmasters International.