Student & Board Member Testimonials


Truly the pleasure was mine. As an instructor, and a lawyer with 23 years of civil litigation experience, it is not often that I attend a course that is so instructive, informative, and engaging. I cannot imagine any other licensure course that would prepare an individual at such a detailed level to embark on or advance their career in community association management.
Your faithful student,
Alan B. Garfinkel, Founding Partner, Katzman Garfinkel & Berger
“Florida CAM school is an approved school from the DBPR. Betsy Barbieux was the instructor that educated me on this subject. She is a generous, wiseful, educated women. Moreover she is professional and informal in her teaching skills. For example, she has some jingles to help to remember some of the Florida Statutes.The course was held in IKEA, which was an experience for me, because I never expected to take a course in a store. Nevertheless the location was great, it included complementary drinks and breakfast snacks, which are amazing. The floor to ceiling glass windows gives you the feeling of a corporate office in my opinion is better opposed to a college dungeon. Overall Florida CAM is an inclusive choice for either pre-ed or post-ed.” Jethro B
I wish to thank you for the very informative course that helped me pass. The course targeted the most asked questions that were on the test. A person still has to study before they take the test. I studied very hard and that makes a difference. I wish the other students do as well in their tests. Thank You, Nolan Vaughn
Bearing your request for feedback in mind, I kept alert for uncovered territory during the exam. While I noticed some tricky ways of asking questions, there weren’t any topics raised that the class didn’t cover. I carefully reviewed the class materials before the exam, and that got me through, although all I know is that I passed. They don’t tell you how well or poorly you did, which I had wanted to know. Oh, well. The main thing is that I passed and that the class and materials were up to the task of enabling me to do that.
Patrick Snyder
Just dropping you a line to let you know that I am licensed now. I passed my CAM test on the first try! Your course was great!

Connie M. Clark

Just to let you know, I just got back from test and I passed. Test had a couple of areas that I either missed or were not covered in class……. Thanks for all your help in passing test.
I wanted to follow up and let you know that yesterday I passed the LCAM exam. When I attended your class last month I was unsure if I wanted to take the exam. I decided to pursue the exam and the training and handbook that you offered was the key to my success. Thank you.

Nancy Daniel

Betsy, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for extending your professional talents to our group for the past two days. Your professional attitude and your ability to instruct and teach are qualities to be admired. It is very clear to see you are dedicated to our profession and have the professional knowledge to go with it. It was an extreme pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you and to be a part of this group. If you should need anything in the future, please know that you can count on me. My best to you and your future success in training our future managers. It is professionals such as yourself that make the difference and carry the torch forward and allow better understanding of what is needed to improve our industry. You are the best.

Ron Stephens CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Yes I passed the exam yay! I skipped five questions and at the end came back to them; these five you did cover the information, it was the way they worded the questions that made me skip them.
… But other than those few questions I knew all the others or at least I think I did. I will never know —  all I know is that I passed and I had a wonderful teacher. You absolutely covered everything that was on that test. So thank you for all your wonderful advise.
And Betsy thank you again for allowing me to sit in on your class this week I wouldn’t have been able to do it with out you.  – Billie Laney
Hi! I just wanted to let you know I just passed my test, on the first try! I cannot thank you enough for a great class and your advice. I look forward to getting my first job in this industry. Thank you again. – Matt Cecchini


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