CAM CE Classes (Continuing Education)

board2 cam ce classes CAM CE Classes (Continuing Education) board2Licenses expire September 30 every even numbered year. To renew CAMs must have at least 15 CE hours. Choose our CAM CE Classes Here! Required areas of study are:  

  • 3 hours of legal updates
  • 3 hours on insurance and financial management topics (IFM)
  • 3 hours on the operation of association physical property (OPP)
  • 3 hours on human resources management related topics (HR)
  • 3 hours of additional instruction in any area described above (ELE)

Here are just SOME of the CAM CE COURSES available by classroom and Live On Line. Confirmed dates and sites are on the website CLASS CALENDAR pages (and MORE classes)!

Help Wanted! #9626956 – 4/HR, 4/ELE  Classroom – $149

It Cost How Much? #9627140 – 4/OPP, 4/IFM  Classroom – $149

Disaster Preparedness & Insurance Claims #9627515/Online or #9627516/Classroom – 4/IFM, 4/OPP – $149

Managing Meetings, Processes and People #9627600/Classroom or #9627601/Online – 4/HR, 4/ELE – $149

CAM QuickStart™ #9627255/Classroom or #9627271/Online – 2/HR, 2/IFM, 2/OPP, 2/ELE)  – $269


LUNCH, LEARN & EARN – CAM CE classes offered Monthly Live On Line via Skype – 11:30 – 1:15 – Check the Calendar for Dates

Bullies & a Hostile Work Environment #9627443/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Managing Meetings #9627662/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

CAM Care™ #9627709/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Management of a Condo/Coop #9627773/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Stay Calm Under Pressure #9627772/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Elections in a Condo/Coop #9627774/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Dealing with Difficult People #9627725/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Effective Business Communications #9627444/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25

Boardmanship #9627771/Online – 2/HR OR 2/ELE – $25


2018 Legal Update (LU2#9628771) Self Study – $39 plus tax

2019 Legal Update (LU1#9629174) Self Study – $39 plus tax

Self Study courses include sales tax and are shipped in .PDF format via e mail. Includes 25 question final exam and requires 75% passing score. Order at the STORE.

If you have been licensed LESS THAN two years as of the time of renewal, you DO NOT need CAM CE hours to renew. However, you do need to renew your license. Be sure to always check your DBPR online account. It will tell you how many hours you need.


Florida CAM Master Series is a 4-day course for Florida managers who want in depth discussion and information regarding maintenance, insurance, dealing with vendors, contracts, and bidding, budgeting and financials, meetings and dealing with people (employees, vendors, residents, boards). Got a problem? Bring it to class! This course is also recognized by FCAP/Florida Community Association Professionals as the prerequisite course to apply for the CFCAM credential. #9626399 18 CAM CE hours (4/HR, 4/IFM, 4/OPP, 4/ELE, 2/LU) – $499

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