On-Going Support

Colleagues and Students of Florida CAM Schools receive on-going web-based support through classes (classroom, live online, or self study), newsletters, e mails, and videos.

Personal and professional development coaching available. To schedule your personal coaching session or plan a team building event for your staff, contact Betsy.

FREE Personality Lab.  Try it now!

What is your unique personality blend? Did you know that you have a mixture of 4 major traits in your personality?

Try this short quiz to get an estimate of your strongest traits. Please note that this is NOT our full personality assessment – this is just a quiz. This quiz is only intended to estimate traits which may be prevalent in your personality style. We invite you to “experiment” with this free tool to get an idea about your personality style.   http://www.discoveryreport.com/DiscoveryReportForm_quick2.php?AFFIL=IIOPI

New Team Graphing Tool

Using the personal Discovery Report codes from each member of your team (they received their personal Discovery Report code before they completed the on-line evaluation), cut and paste the list of codes into this form.  From the computer-generated graph, it will become obvious if your team is out of balance with too many or not enough of certain personality blends.   http://www.discoveryreport.com/teamform.php

To shop for more books, charts, self assessments, and other communication tools, go to  http://www.personality-insights.com/?ref=90

Watch Betsy’s presentation on Dealing with Difficult People!

Click here to watch! https://youtu.be/2aHt_EgRo0k

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